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A really great DJ can work with a wedding coordinator, but if you are not hiring a coordinator then your dj takes on a much
bigger role. Even with a coordinator the dj is still responsible for keeping things rolling and getting the guests on the dance
floor to have fun.

When was the last time you saw a wedding coordinator make an announcement? Have you ever seen them try to get the
guests on the dance floor? This does not happen because the dj is the one who is always given the responsibility for taking
care of these things.

What does a wedding consultant do for you anyway? They will put you together with vendors they have approved, and they
will have you pick out the ones they like for a fee. They will help you organize your wedding, and for an extra fee they will be
there on your big day to help you out. If you are an organized person, you can do all of this on your own and save quite a bit
of money (several thousand!). Don't forget to hire a really great DJ that will help you to make your wedding and reception

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