Wedding Music for weddings | wedding dj tips |wedding planning


Music Express will help you with wedding music for weddings, wedding dj tips, and |wedding planning!

Gorgeous outdoor wedding! Are you looking for music tips for weddings? You can find real wedding dj tips here!

Music for Weddings

Gorgeous outdoor wedding!

If you are trying to find tips on how to start the wedding planning process for your wedding music, then you have come to the right place. I have been a wedding dj for more than 30 years. I started when I was a teenager, and I have seen hundreds of weddings. This gives me the knowledge to get your started. There is no need to be stressed out about this process. This is a part of your wedding that should be fun. The wedding music you play for your ceremony and reception are a reflection of you,  your future spouse, and your love for each other. I have tips posted for brides and grooms to see! We are your go to professionals for music for weddings!

The first part of your wedding that needs planning is your ceremony. This is broken down into three basic parts. You have seating music for your guests to listen to while they are waiting, processional music for the bridal party and the processional song for the bride, and then you have the celebratory recessional music when the reception is over. Your wedding is uniquely yours and the music should celebrate this!

The next phase is your reception. This part of your celebration is also extremely important and we are there to help you and other couples plan their music for weddings that are great events! This starts with your entrance to your wedding, and being announced by the dj! You will want to pick something fun to get things started. Then you need to pick great songs for your cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, bouquet toss, garter toss etc. I have lots of suggestions wedding dj tips on my Music Express facebook page; all you have to do is click on the lightbulb that says top songs chart.

Wedding Music for weddings | wedding dj tips |wedding planning

Have a great time with your wedding planning and selecting music for your reception!





Music Express will help you with wedding music for weddings, wedding dj tips, and | wedding planning!

If you need a great dj, then visit Music Express or call us at 559.325.8625 in Fresno | 831.480.0124 in Monterey | 805.267.3952 in San Luis Obispo | 408.413.0339 in San Jose | or Toll Free at 877.235.1704!

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning!

Helpful Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! This offer is for real. You can receive free wedding invitations advice by visiting our page. This is our gift to you just for visiting our website. We are the only wedding company in the Fresno area to offer invitation advice along with Fresno wedding planning. There is absolutely no catch to this offer. This will help you get started with all that you have to do to plan your great Fresno wedding!

Once you get started planning your big day you can visit us to find tips for your event that will help you along the way. We have tips posted on our site. You can find information there about music for your ceremony and reception.

There is a lot of helpful information on our site for you as you plan.

You have a lot of details to plan for you big event; we will help you get started! We have many different vendors listed on our website that we recommend for your wedding! These are vendors we have worked with and trust. This should help you to make some really good choices! Everyone can use a little help when planning their big day! There is so much to do from choosing a venue to choosing a photographer to the caterer to the dj and it just keeps going. This is why we have compiled listing for you to view as your work on all your details. Have fun! This is unbelievably helpful to any bride planning her big day here in the central valley; just for you! Visit our website: Fresno Wedding Planning! 

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning


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We want to help you get started, and this is our gift to you. Music Express is the Wedding company that cares about your wedding!

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning