Elite Fresno Wedding DJ | China Peak | Fun Clovis Wedding DJ

Music Express Elite Fresno Wedding DJ | China Peak | Fun Clovis Wedding DJ

Elite Fresno Wedding DJ MUSIC EXPRESS fun Clovis wedding dj traveled to China Peak on September 7, 2013 for the second week in a row to perform at Nicole’s wedding where she became Mrs. Jones. We love weddings, and we love nothing more than for the couple to have a great time. This couple had a fantastic time at their wedding and so did their guests. For this particular wedding, only receptions services were provided for a great couple! They both have worked at China Peak over the years, and Nicole has served as ski patrol for many years. Even though she has lived in LA recently. She came to China Peak many weekends to help out with Snow Patrol services and offer her expertise.

In this picture, you can see how excited the bride and groom are while enjoying the toast from their best man!
Elite Fresno Wedding DJ | China Peak | Fun Clovis Wedding DJ

The bride said that she loved the personalities of the djs and that Robert was able to calm her down right away because she was so nervous.

The bride and groom danced all night with family and friends to the sounds of Music Express Elite Fresno Wedding DJ – fun Clovis wedding dj. The dance floor was packed and full of positive energy. A truly wonderful couple!

China Peak is a gorgeous place to have a wedding! It is a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and It is a lakeside setting in the Sierra Forest of California 59 miles north of the Fresno / Clovis area. This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in all of California. It rivals the beauty seen in such places as Carmel or the Santa Cruz Redwood forest.

Music Express is your Elite Fresno Wedding DJ | China Peak | Fun Clovis Wedding DJ

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Fresno Wedding | Longs | Backyard Wedding Entertainment Fresno DJ

Fresno Wedding | Longs | Backyard Wedding Entertainment Fresno DJ

Fresno Wedding | Longs | Backyard Wedding | MUSIC EXPRESS | 559.325.8625 | Fresno Wedding Entertainment Fresno DJ The longs had a Spring time backyard wedding reception. Everything was perfect in the backyard. They had tents set up, a dance floor, tables, a dj of course, and catering.

Fresno Wedding | Longs | Backyard Wedding Entertainment Fresno DJ

The Longs had a great time at their wedding!

It was a themed Fresno wedding and the them was Lord of the Rings! There was a good amount of music during dinner that fit in with the theme of the wedding that the bride had specifically requested. The theme made the whole night more interesting and engaging for the guests.

The caterer did a great job with the food, and everyone enjoyed the meal thoroughly.

The first dance was very romantic, and their friends and family were happy to see the couple having such a wonderful time.

The music the bride had requested was played during the reception by Music Express Wedding Entertainment Fresno DJ. Joe Kimball and Axel Nino were the djs that played the great music for their big celebration! All the guests hit the dance floor, and everyone had a great time dancing to all the great songs that were played! It seemed as if the great music had no end in sight. There was no shortage of energy at this wedding!It was a great group of family, friends, and important guests that were not afraid to show us how they loved to dance and have a great time!

The dancing went on for hours, and no one wanted the night to end. The bride and groom especially had a great time at their Fresno wedding with wedding entertainment Fresno DJ – Music Express!

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Santa Nella Wedding DJ in Los Banos

Santa Nella Wedding DJ in Los Banos

Music Express, Santa Nella Wedding DJ, performed at Nicole’s wedding was on July 21st Pea Soup Andersens. It was a wonderful reception for all. Everyone enjoyed the music!

The guests danced all night long! The music was varied because that is what the bride and groom requested. We played current music, dance music, oldies, country, rock, Motown, etc. The bride and groom really enjoyed the performance by Music Express and were so excited; they said they would tell all their friends that Music Express is the right choice for their weddings!

The lighting and the sound were wonderful and amazing! The bride and groom had a beautiful first dance together. The families came from all over, and the majority of the guests traveled from Modesto.

Music Express offers a full range of beautiful and enchanting lighting options including: Coloburst lighting which is the standard for all wedding receptions, Gobo lights (Put your name in lights on your big day!), to Uplighting.

Uplighting is the latest in wedding lighting, and it can take a room form plain to simply enchanting. When you call Music Express wedding dj in Los Banos make sure to ask about our uplighting packages that can make your wedding simply enchanting!

Wedding DJ in Los Banos

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