Brackens are married with wedding dj Music Express disc jockey!

The Brackens, Corey and Catrina, are married with wedding dj Music Express disc jockey!

When you drive to a place you have never been to you just don’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Delta Party barn where the Brackens had their wedding on July 19, 2014. The location was very quaint and comfortable. They layout made it very convenient to play ceremony music and reception music from the same spot!

Rustic California wedding










This was definitely a very comfortable setting for an outdoor country type wedding!

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The bride, Catrna was so thrilled with our services that she said, “You guys were awesome!”

After the ceremony, the photographer took some pictures while family and friends visited with each other. It was a very warm day for a wedding and luckily there were huge fans in the barn keeping everyone cool while they listed to the cocktail music being played by the wedding dj and disk jockey Music Express.

The couple chose to have their names in lights with a custom monogram. The monogram was perfect for the rustic setting of the country and barnyard atmosphere!

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Everyone really enjoyed the look of the custom mongram and had fun with the light provided by Music Express wedding dj – disc jockey!

Following dinner the couple cut their cake!

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Next up they had their first dance together while their family and friends cheered for them! They chose the song “Only you can love me this way” by Keith Urban for this special event!

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Catrina and Corey were very happy on their big day to have a celebration with friends, family and Music Express wedding dj – disk jockey!

Following the first dance everyone got out on the dance floor and had a great time dancing the night away!

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Everyone really enjoyed the day!

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Visalia Wedding DJ Robinson Seven Sycamores Ranch Hanford Wedding DJ

Music Express Visalia Wedding DJ Robinson Seven Sycamores Ranch Hanford Wedding DJ

Visalia Wedding | Robinson | Seven Sycamores Ranch | MUSIC EXPRESS | 559.325.8625 | The Robinsons had a great wedding at the Seven Sycamores Ranch which is locates in Ivanhoe, CA right next to Visalia.

The bride and groom had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, followed by cocktail hour, cutting of the cake, special dances, and open dancing.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and the ceremony was gorgeous. Music Express Visalia wedding dj | Hanford wedding dj provided ceremony music and wireless microphones for the ceremony. The ceremony went fabulously and everyone was happy!

The venue is a beautiful outdoor venue located in a picturesque garden setting. It is one of the most beautiful Visalia Wedding venues and in the entire Central Valley! Everything looked beautiful at the venue.

Visalia Wedding DJ Robinson Seven Sycamores Ranch Hanford Wedding DJ

A beautiful outdoor wedding for the Robinsons

The garden setting was perfect for the bridal party entrance before the reception. The layout made it grand! The atmosphere was great and the food was wonderful. Everyone was having a great time at the reception! They had a nice gazebo where the cutting of the cake took place. The first dance took place in front of everyone and it was a memorable dance for the bride and groom with Music Express Visalia wedding dj | Hanford wedding dj playing the music and making announcements. Everyone clapped and was thrilled for the couple. This was followed by a touching Father/Daughter dance and a Mother/Son dance.

Then the rest of the guests were invited to dance, and lots of guests started dancing right away. Everyone go involved in the dancing and had a great time with Music Express.  The dancing went on for hours and everyone had a great time!

Music Express Visalia Wedding DJ at the Robinson wedding at Seven Sycamores Ranch; we are also your Hanford Wedding DJ.

Call or email Music Express to book your special event or wedding 559.325.8625!

Finest Visalia Wedding DJ in Visalia CA Visalia Wedding Entertainment

Music Express is your finest Visalia wedding dj in Visalia CA Visalia wedding entertainment!

Rowland Visalia Wedding | Visalia, CA Elks Lodge | MUSIC EXPRESS | finest visalia wedding dj in Visalia CA at 559.325.8625 or 877.235.1704 was on hand to provide dinner music and Visalia wedding entertainment, great announcements, lighting, and fun for the newlyweds!

Finest Visalia Wedding DJ in Visalia CA Visalia Wedding Entertainment

They really enjoyed their wedding reception and the cutting of the cake was an important part of this occasion! They had great centerpieces on the table that had been handcrafted by the bride and her friends. The food was wonderful and enjoyed by all.

The venue had been decorated nicely so that it was elegant. Music Express added lighting that made the dancing even more fun! There were a lot of requests that were made by the guests at the wedding for different dance songs. Everyone had a great time hitting the dance floor and enjoying the music. The bride and groom were very please with Music Express. Of course, the bride and the groom loved the fact that their friends were having so much fun dancing to the sounds of Music Express finest Visalia wedding dj in Visalia CA! Colorburst lighting was also provide for this event as part of the package by Visalia wedding entertainment. This is four channel lighting with four different color lights on each side that flash to the beat of the music.

The Elks lodge in Visalia is host to many Visalia Weddings. It is a traditional venue that has lots of room for a small to large size wedding! There is a lot of room for dancing and entertaining. It also has a great kitchen which is helpful for the caterers at any wedding that takes place at the Elks Lodge. There is also a nice size bar for all of the wedding guests to grab a drink!

Music Express is your finest Visalia wedding dj in Visalia CA your best bet for Visalia wedding entertainment!

Call MUSIC EXPRESS to book your wedding at 559.325.8625 or 877-235-1704!