Brackens are married with wedding dj Music Express disc jockey!

The Brackens, Corey and Catrina, are married with wedding dj Music Express disc jockey!

When you drive to a place you have never been to you just don’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Delta Party barn where the Brackens had their wedding on July 19, 2014. The location was very quaint and comfortable. They layout made it very convenient to play ceremony music and reception music from the same spot!

Rustic California wedding










This was definitely a very comfortable setting for an outdoor country type wedding!

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The bride, Catrna was so thrilled with our services that she said, “You guys were awesome!”

After the ceremony, the photographer took some pictures while family and friends visited with each other. It was a very warm day for a wedding and luckily there were huge fans in the barn keeping everyone cool while they listed to the cocktail music being played by the wedding dj and disk jockey Music Express.

The couple chose to have their names in lights with a custom monogram. The monogram was perfect for the rustic setting of the country and barnyard atmosphere!

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Everyone really enjoyed the look of the custom mongram and had fun with the light provided by Music Express wedding dj – disc jockey!

Following dinner the couple cut their cake!

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Next up they had their first dance together while their family and friends cheered for them! They chose the song “Only you can love me this way” by Keith Urban for this special event!

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Catrina and Corey were very happy on their big day to have a celebration with friends, family and Music Express wedding dj – disk jockey!

Following the first dance everyone got out on the dance floor and had a great time dancing the night away!

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Everyone really enjoyed the day!

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Sacramento Wedding DJ Carmichael El Dorado Hills Placerville Folsom

Music Express Sacramento Wedding DJ Carmichael El Dorado Hills Placerville Folsom

I had never been to Mather Air Force Base before last Saturday, June 7, 2014 for the Kaufman wedding. So, I am driving in towards Sacramento from the south on highway 99 and I had visions of going into this nice city in the Valley. Then, all of a sudden, my GPS tells me to get off in Elk Grove and go due east! I thought to myself that this could not possibly be right, and yet it was perfectly correct. So, I am driving through the country just east of Elk Grove and I am thinking to myself that I am in the middle of nowhere!

Finally my GPS tells me to go north and if finally starts looking like civilization with many newer homes near the retired Mather Air Force base. The golf course looked nice, and it was definitely similar to other military gold courses I have seen before. Fortunately, it was a beautiful summer day in Sacramento at about 90  degrees.

Music Express Sacramento Wedding DJ Carmichael El Dorado Hills Placerville set up for the wedding by putting a sound system on the first hole for the wedding, and another sound system in the reception area with a custom monogram and uplighting.

The bride, Amber, and the groom, Kurt had their wedding and it was a gorgeous wedding out in Mather, CA.

Sacramento Wedding DJ Carmichael El Dorado Hills Placerville

The bride and groom were married while Sacramento Wedding DJ Carmichael El Dorado Hills Placerville, Music Express played their ceremony songs and they were thrilled!

Wedding dj in Sacramento

The wedding was followed by a festive reception with a buffet dinner. Family and friends enjoyed themselves while eating a nice meal complete with salad, chicken, and beef while drinking champagne!

The bride and groom had a nice first dance together with all their family, friends, and guests witnessing the occasion.











The had their names show through a Gobo light shining onto the dance floor along with uplighing for an elegant dancing experience!

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Make sure to give Music Express a call at 877-235-1704 or 559-325-8625 for an amazing wedding experience!

Sacramento Wedding DJ Carmichael El Dorado Hills Placerville Folsom