Brackens are married with wedding dj Music Express disc jockey!

The Brackens, Corey and Catrina, are married with wedding dj Music Express disc jockey!

When you drive to a place you have never been to you just don’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Delta Party barn where the Brackens had their wedding on July 19, 2014. The location was very quaint and comfortable. They layout made it very convenient to play ceremony music and reception music from the same spot!

Rustic California wedding










This was definitely a very comfortable setting for an outdoor country type wedding!

Fresno wedding dj in Sacramenot










The bride, Catrna was so thrilled with our services that she said, “You guys were awesome!”

After the ceremony, the photographer took some pictures while family and friends visited with each other. It was a very warm day for a wedding and luckily there were huge fans in the barn keeping everyone cool while they listed to the cocktail music being played by the wedding dj and disk jockey Music Express.

The couple chose to have their names in lights with a custom monogram. The monogram was perfect for the rustic setting of the country and barnyard atmosphere!

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Everyone really enjoyed the look of the custom mongram and had fun with the light provided by Music Express wedding dj – disc jockey!

Following dinner the couple cut their cake!

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Next up they had their first dance together while their family and friends cheered for them! They chose the song “Only you can love me this way” by Keith Urban for this special event!

First dance los banos wedding dj










Catrina and Corey were very happy on their big day to have a celebration with friends, family and Music Express wedding dj – disk jockey!

Following the first dance everyone got out on the dance floor and had a great time dancing the night away!

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Everyone really enjoyed the day!

To book your wedding with Music Express in Fresno call 559-325-8625, in Monterey 831-480-0124, San Luis Obispo 805-267-3952, San Jose 408-413-0339, and Sacramento or anywhere else in California 877-235-1704!


Central Valley Wedding Ceremony Wedding Services in Fresno Clovis

Music Express Central Valley Wedding Ceremony Wedding Services in Fresno Clovis

Choosing the right Central Valley wedding ceremony music for your Fresno, Clovis, Visalia wedding can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when choosing your music. What will fit the group of guests that I have invited? What will reflect my personal style and that of my fiance? What is popular right now? Do I want to go with the classic approach or something else?

Music Express Central Valley Wedding Ceremony Wedding Services in Fresno Clovis

There is no need to worry because we can help you with this process. We have put together a web page with this information just for you. We look at seating music for your guests. Next we explore the options for processional music. After that, we look at some choices for your recessional music. Of course, the choice is up to you. This ceremony music page will definitely help you get started so you can do some brainstorming for your Central Valley Wedding Ceremony!

The day of your wedding we will provide the music for your ceremony and reception if that is what you need. We provide a full range of wedding services in Fresno Clovis Depending on the distance from your reception location to the ceremony area, we may have to set up more than one sound system. If this is the case, then we will set up a ceremony sound system to make sure you have adequate coverage and to make sure your music is seamless. By seamless, I am referring to being able to start your cocktail music right away after your ceremony for your guests so that their is not a big block of time where there is no music for your guests. It is our goal to keep the music seamless so that you have an elegant and entertaining atmosphere for your wedding.

We can help you with this task. Just visit the ceremony resource as part of our wedding services in Fresno Clovis that we have setup for you. Music Express wedding djs has a page for you to visit to help you pick out your ceremony music. You will find specific suggestions for songs and the flow of how a ceremony works.

Fresno Wedding Clovis Wedding



Music Express Central Valley Wedding Ceremony Wedding Services in Fresno Clovis

Give us a call at 559-325-8625 or 877-235-1704!

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning!

Helpful Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! This offer is for real. You can receive free wedding invitations advice by visiting our page. This is our gift to you just for visiting our website. We are the only wedding company in the Fresno area to offer invitation advice along with Fresno wedding planning. There is absolutely no catch to this offer. This will help you get started with all that you have to do to plan your great Fresno wedding!

Once you get started planning your big day you can visit us to find tips for your event that will help you along the way. We have tips posted on our site. You can find information there about music for your ceremony and reception.

There is a lot of helpful information on our site for you as you plan.

You have a lot of details to plan for you big event; we will help you get started! We have many different vendors listed on our website that we recommend for your wedding! These are vendors we have worked with and trust. This should help you to make some really good choices! Everyone can use a little help when planning their big day! There is so much to do from choosing a venue to choosing a photographer to the caterer to the dj and it just keeps going. This is why we have compiled listing for you to view as your work on all your details. Have fun! This is unbelievably helpful to any bride planning her big day here in the central valley; just for you! Visit our website: Fresno Wedding Planning! 

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning


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We want to help you get started, and this is our gift to you. Music Express is the Wedding company that cares about your wedding!

Great Fresno Wedding Invitation tips! Fresno Wedding Planning