Monterey Beach Wedding Music Express Monterey DJ Beach Ceremony

Monterey Beach Wedding Music Express Monterey DJ Beach Ceremony

Are you thinking about having a wedding on the beach in the Monterey area? If you are thinking about having your beach ceremony there, then you want to make sure you have ceremony music, sound, and microphones there so your guests can hear everything! We will make sure that your day is as wonderful as you have been dreaming it will be in such a beautiful setting! We will play the music that you selected for your beach ceremony at just the right time, and make sure that everything is just perfect for you on your big day! Monterey Beach Wedding Music Express Monterey DJ Beach Ceremony               We, Monterey DJ and Monterey Beach Wedding experts have been doing weddings in Monterey County since 1982. Most dj businesses cannot provide you with that type of experience. When the ceremony is done, we will have another system ready for you and your guests at the reception site so you can continue your celebration there! We will make sure your reception flows smoothly according to the timeline that you create ahead of time on your own personalized webbing website that we create just for you. Here you will plan your ceremony, your reception, and pick our your music. Your great day will continue for you at your reception where we, Music Express Monterey Beach Wedding experts will announce your arrival along with your wedding party to all of your guests including family and friends! You will have dinner together. Your guest will join in a toast for your and your spouse while having a great time! This will be followed by your first dance together as a married couple to a special song. The father daughter dance, and then the mother son dance. Once this is complete your Monterey DJ, Music Express will open the dance floor for all of your guests to have a great time! They will dance with you and have fun to the sounds of Music Express.

We are you Monterey Beach Wedding experts,  Music Express,  Monterey DJ Beach Ceremony Call us at 831.480.0124!

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