Wedding dj in Monterey Wedding Lighting Carmel | Monterey Uplighting

Wedding dj in Monterey Wedding Lighting Carmel | Monterey Uplighting

Monterey Wedding Lighting | Monterey Uplighting | MUSIC EXPRESS Monterey Wedding dj in Monterey can change the look of your venue by adding elegant, fun, and spectacular lighting that will make your celebration beautiful and fun at the same time!

One of my grooms called me at the last minute because his bride was disappointed with how the room looked where the reception was going to take place. She said that to her it did not look very nice, and that the room looked old. He asked me if their was anything that I could do to help him and his bride make the room look nicer.

Immediately I knew exactly what would solve their problem. I told them that I could provide them with uplighting to give the room a new look. They wanted to have the uplights set to their colors that they selected for their event during dinner. Their colors were turquoise and orange.Wedding dj in Monterey Wedding Lighting Carmel | Monterey Uplighting

The lights were place all around the room and the bride was thrilled with the change it made to the room!

The lighting was then set to respond to the beat of the music during the reception and be interactive with the dancing and the guests!

Monterey Wedding lighting

Bride tosses bouquet with uplighting in the background!

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Here are some more lighting picturesWedding Lighting Custom Monogram for you to see. This is a custom monogram selected by the Howards’ for their wedding! This really gives a brides a groom a chance to customize their wedding lighting just for them. Here is a picture of their uplighting which was set to their colors.

monterey wedding uplighting

Make your big day amazing with Music Express Wedding DJ in Monterey lighting, and uplighting!  The lighting can really transform a room from nice to elegant and spectacular. It really adds elegance to any atmosphere from the moment they are turned on at the venue!

We will not only provide you with great dj and emcees, great sound, and online planning, but we will also provide you with great lighting and uplighting!

Call Music Express Monterey wedding dj in Monterey at 831-480-0124 or 877-235-1704!

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Central Valley Wedding Lighting in Fresno Clovis Visalia Hanford CA

Music Express Central Valley Wedding Lighting in Fresno Clovis Visalia Hanford  CA

Central Valley Wedding Lighting in Fresno Clovis Visalia and Hanford. Fresno Wedding Lighting by Music Express will make your wedding elegant and exciting. Uplighing is the hottest trend in weddings today. You can see from the picture in this post that the uplighting can really add color and excitement to the dance floor! There are many different lighting options for your wedding today, but uplighting add the most elegance to your wedding reception. The lighting is very versatile and can be customized for you. You can get them in 5 packs, 10 packs, or 15 packs depending on the size of your room.

Central Valley Wedding Lighting in Fresno Clovis Visalia Hanford










A great add on to uplighting is a custom monogram for the bride and groom that really personalizes your central valley wedding lighting and adds elegance!

Fresno Wedding DJ in Clovis Custom Monogram

Wedding Lighting in Fresno Clovis Visalia Hanford  with Music Express is just what your reception needs to make it elegant and memorable. We have many different options for you to choose from for your reception. We have string lights which are very popular. We have the most elegant uplighting which can be set to your wedding colors during dinner, and then come to life with our dmx controllers during dancing responding to the music. We also have colorburst lighting that is four channels and responds to the music dancing the night along with you! Your wedding can be incredible with Music Express Wedding Lighting.

Fresno Wedding

Wedding DJs – Clovis, Sanger, Visalia, Madera, Merced, Hanford, Lemoore, Tulare, Los Banos, Lodi, Modesto, Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Beverly Hills

Central Valley Wedding Lighting in Fresno Clovis Visalia Hanford CA!

Call us at 559-325-8625 or 877-235-1704!

Santa Nella Wedding DJ in Los Banos

Santa Nella Wedding DJ in Los Banos

Music Express, Santa Nella Wedding DJ, performed at Nicole’s wedding was on July 21st Pea Soup Andersens. It was a wonderful reception for all. Everyone enjoyed the music!

The guests danced all night long! The music was varied because that is what the bride and groom requested. We played current music, dance music, oldies, country, rock, Motown, etc. The bride and groom really enjoyed the performance by Music Express and were so excited; they said they would tell all their friends that Music Express is the right choice for their weddings!

The lighting and the sound were wonderful and amazing! The bride and groom had a beautiful first dance together. The families came from all over, and the majority of the guests traveled from Modesto.

Music Express offers a full range of beautiful and enchanting lighting options including: Coloburst lighting which is the standard for all wedding receptions, Gobo lights (Put your name in lights on your big day!), to Uplighting.

Uplighting is the latest in wedding lighting, and it can take a room form plain to simply enchanting. When you call Music Express wedding dj in Los Banos make sure to ask about our uplighting packages that can make your wedding simply enchanting!

Wedding DJ in Los Banos

Call Music Express at 559-325-8625 or 877-235-1704!Santa Nella Wedding DJ in Los Banos